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39 Months of Gestation: Dark Place.

They say that longer gestation in animals is correlated with more intelligence. Elephants gestate 24 months, sperm whales and dolphins up to 19, walruses – 16. So far “Rocks In My Pockets” has gestated 39 months. I don’t know about … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Bill Plympton on Kickstarter and Oscars.

We visited Bill Plympton and his son Lucas on Sunday afternoon and recorded a conversation with Bill – on such interesting subjects as scoring music for film, running Kickstarter campaign and qualifying a film for Oscars. The recording sounds odd, … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Moment of Truth.

Have you ever experienced The Moment of Truth? Like, when  you come to an exam well prepared and get asked that only question you had no time to do a research for?  Or, like, when after 6 months of sleeping … Continue reading

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Depression Question: Ivey.

Animators are an interesting breed – on one hand we are artists (we create something out of nothing, we draw, we color) but on the other hand in order to succeed we have to have a personality of an accountant … Continue reading

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A trailer for a film is supposed to tease a potential viewer with delicious little bits without giving away the whole film. A very common industry’s mantra is “a trailer’s task is to sell the film”. But how does a … Continue reading

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Ah, where would we be without a timeline – a line that shows us our past achievements and the challenges of the future? Without putting time (which, we are told by many, is a mess of simultaneous events, as everything … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Owl.

I don’t know how one can make a film about depression without an owl starring in the film. Owls are wise. They are watchful, but discreet. They stay up at nights catching bad thoughts like small pray. The owl in … Continue reading

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