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“Rocks” Kickstarter campaign in pictures

We still have 38 hours to go, $6000 to raise. “Rocks In My Pockets” Kickstarter campaign ends on The Valentine’s Day morning, February 14th at 9:21 AM. I wanted to share with you some of the pictures we posted on … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week 5: Winners!

Dogs absolutely bring the best out of humans. I mean, dogs bring the best humans out to the dinner. Especially if the human in question wins a Caption Contest! Dogs love winners! I mean, dinners. Here’s a picture that we … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 3.

Captions are easy and fun! Raking the brain for that one caption gem hiding in the folds makes all the dormant seeds to sprout.  All of sudden you have ideas you didn’t know you had. Are you ready for this … Continue reading

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The Caption of the Week Winners.

First, happy Independence Day. May we all be independent – from our bad habits,  from student loans and things that make us cringe. Second, THANK YOU for submitting your captions to the strange picture! We admit, it was not an … Continue reading

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Latvia. An Insider’s view from Outside.

I was not born yesterday. I was born in Latvia. It is a small, clever country. Small because it is surrounded by big countries who each took a slice from it. Clever because despite being small it is still on … Continue reading

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Fundraising. Story 9: Preparation.

I forget which one of the world’s religions give this advise: – Be prepared!  Am sure they meant spiritual preparedness, but preparedness comes in handy in the material world, too.  Robin Hayes and Kay Churchill had set a date for … Continue reading

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Fundraising. Story 8: Event.

The Lasse story ending  (On Love and Aferlove. Story 5 and 6) has to wait. This is the time for a fundraising story. Fundraising is a time consuming beast of frustration. All I want to do is to make the film. … Continue reading

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