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Merry Winter Solstice!

The Solstice was 5 days ago. You have probably noticed that at at 4:30 PM there is more light. Even more is on it’s way. I know you are frightened of cold, boring, dark January. Nothing to fear. Light is … Continue reading

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Weather and Politics vs Work in Progress.

One side effect of being a storyteller is that by telling a story you disconnect your emotions from reality. A major event becomes just a story. This is a reason I didn’t want to write about Sandy The Storm and … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Water Spirit.

There are 10 main characters in “Rocks In My Pockets” and¬†¬†approximately 97 minor characters. We’ll introduce them all to you, one by one. First, we have to establish who is the Antagonist of the Film, the Villain. You know that … Continue reading

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Merry Summer Solstice!

Dark Shadows of Economic Meltdown, Global Warming and Personal Worries are waving their ugly arms at us again. Will they win? Will they grasp our warm hearts and squeeze the living juices out of them? Once a year Sunlight beats … Continue reading

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Stonehenge Brooklyn.

They say Manhattan is the Stonehenge of the New Age.¬†Manhattanhenge, they call it. Manhattan, of course, is a popular place, but to my opinion, it’s relationship with the Sun is a little bit strained. Who has seen a beam of … Continue reading

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