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Parental Guidance in Filmmaking.

Do you show your work to your parents? I am sure American parents are super supportive, otherwise how would you explain the unfathomable self assurance of most Americans? The school system conspires with the parents, too. – Both teams have … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Russians.

Russians are coming! They arrive on their freshly painted tanks and newly banged trucks, bringing freedom from private property and work. Fortunately, our main character’s family lives so deep in the forest that Russians get lost in the labyrinth of … Continue reading

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Airports, Art and Fear.

What airports and forests have in common? 1) they have a lot of space 2) people move through airports and forests on their way to somewhere else, only in extreme circumstances staying there longer than necessary 3) both – forests … Continue reading

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Latvia. An Insider’s view from Outside.

I was not born yesterday. I was born in Latvia. It is a small, clever country. Small because it is surrounded by big countries who each took a slice from it. Clever because despite being small it is still on … Continue reading

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