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Happy New Year!

THANK YOU for supporting “Rocks In My Pockets”! 2014 was an excellent roller-coaster year but 2015 might be even better! Stay calm and lets┬áride it together!

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Parental Guidance in Filmmaking.

Do you show your work to your parents? I am sure American parents are super supportive, otherwise how would you explain the unfathomable self assurance of most Americans? The school system conspires with the parents, too. – Both teams have … Continue reading

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Thankful THANKSgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that we celebrate without admitting to ourselves that it is one of the greatest and most ancient pagan celebrations, like Solstice. In the old times this was the time when people stored the fall’s … Continue reading

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The Elusive Fun of Internet.

Internet used to be fun. One was even able to find meaning of life if searched right. Now if you Google “meaning of life” you’ll mostly find marketers’ sites disguised as spiritual help blogs. Wherever you turn now, no matter … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing for Thoughts.

When a girl goes to forest and there, in the darkness, a wolf accosts her, scaring her witless, it would be good if she came back and told the villagers what she saw. It may keep another girl from venturing … Continue reading

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39 Months of Gestation: Dark Place.

They say that longer gestation in animals is correlated with more intelligence. Elephants gestate 24 months, sperm whales and dolphins up to 19, walruses – 16. So far “Rocks In My Pockets” has gestated 39 months. I don’t know about … Continue reading

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Social Media.

One of my favorite books is Tintin. By now I’ve read it so many times I almost know it by heart. The imaginary events happen in the safe distance of the imaginary past, it’s soothing to see the familiar characters … Continue reading

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