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New York Premiere Today!

Today will be partly cloudy, with 40% humidity, wind will blow from North with a West inflection. It will warm up to 30 Celsius (yes, after 20 years in USA I still think in meters and Celsius) with 0 chances … Continue reading

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When I got on the bike I knew something terrible was going to happen. The vague premonition that I had every time I got on the bike this time was amplified by specific somatic nervousness. The man I was living … Continue reading

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Getting to the Finish Line.

You know that feeling when the worry is so overpowering it is about to snap you in half? In the last two months I spent a few nights in a company of such worry. But not to worry – we worked … Continue reading

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Women Film Festivals: Do We need Them?

Recently Ottawa International Animation Festival director and programmer Chris Robinson asked in a private Facebook message to 10 female animators what they felt about gender specific festivals. Namely – programs of films made only by women. It was a surprise … Continue reading

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Hard Data Vs. Soft Data of a Kickstarter campaign.

In Digital Age it’s seductive to reduce people to numbers, as it makes hard data easily available. – My video has been viewed 41,374 times on YouTube! – My blog had 52,937 visitors last year! – I have 1,237 friends … Continue reading

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Money Blues.

It is 4 AM and I wake up with a feeling that a large fist in the center of my stomach is pulling my whole body inside. My muscles crack with tension like guitar strings too tight. My back and … Continue reading

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Entertainment Film vs Personal Film.

What is the future of independent film? The two animators poke at the future with their best guesses.   Bill Plympton has a Kickstarter campaign for his new film “Cheatin’”.

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