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Depression Question: Ivey.

Animators are an interesting breed – on one hand we are artists (we create something out of nothing, we draw, we color) but on the other hand in order to succeed we have to have a personality of an accountant … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Russians.

Russians are coming! They arrive on their freshly painted tanks and newly banged trucks, bringing freedom from private property and work. Fortunately, our main character’s family lives so deep in the forest that Russians get lost in the labyrinth of … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 5.

You know how when you fold your shirt air gets trapped in the folds? I was told it is very similar with our brain – more brain folds hold more intelligence. Unfold your brain today, shake out your intelligence trapped … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 3.

Captions are easy and fun! Raking the brain for that one caption gem hiding in the folds makes all the dormant seeds to sprout.  All of sudden you have ideas you didn’t know you had. Are you ready for this … Continue reading

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Generation X: Where did we come from?

Few weeks ago I asked questions to my Team – Generation Y. Now the Generation Y strikes back with their own questions to me. Wendy Zhao, the project’s production manager, editor, compositor, art assistant and a, accomplished artist of her own … Continue reading

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Viruses attack!

It is the season when viruses attack. They attack us for a reason – they love us and think we are delicious. Few weeks ago I got sick with snivels. I was told snivels and common cold  (for some strange reason … Continue reading

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9/11 drawings

On the morning of 9.11.2001 I was at home, a couple of blocks away from World Trade Center. Before the towers collapsed I run away, was homeless for 5 days and finally returned to my place on Sunday. After cleaning … Continue reading

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