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Ice Fishing for Thoughts.

When a girl goes to forest and there, in the darkness, a wolf accosts her, scaring her witless, it would be good if she came back and told the villagers what she saw. It may keep another girl from venturing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!


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Three Animators and a Baby.

Babies and animators usually don’t go well together. Babies cry at nights, disrupting people’s sleep and if people don’t sleep they don’t animate well. But sometimes babies born to animators sleep well at nights. Those babies we love. One such … Continue reading

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Toronto Adventure.

There are adventures to be had, all over the world. Why not one in Toronto? Long time ago, in March 2011,  Patrick Jenkins suggested to Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)  to invite me to present my work. Everybody was excited but it … Continue reading

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Ah, where would we be without a timeline – a line that shows us our past achievements and the challenges of the future? Without putting time (which, we are told by many, is a mess of simultaneous events, as everything … Continue reading

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Kill Your Darlings.

There are series of writers and filmmakers from Plato to Woody Allen who give an advise: – Kill your darlings. It doesn’t quite make sense (why should I edit out the stuff I really like?) till comes a moment in … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week 8: Winners!

The old under-panties are coming back! Unfortunately, for today only. I actually don’t get why people don’t like them anymore – they are breezy and spacious (your farts will get lost in all those folds and will never come out … Continue reading

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