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Computers on the Dots.

Lately, our computers have been misbehaving. My 2009 laptop sometimes doesn’t want to move the cursor. The 2005 Mac Mini with it’s 1.5 GB RAM is still in the game, pulling the weight of huge Photoshop files, but it’s attachable … Continue reading

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Tricky Women Animation Festival: Films.

Tricky Women is Tricky because animation in German is Trickfilm. Puns are fun. The festival itself is also fun, based in a good looking, friendly town of Vienna. The festival is organized by a team of great women lead by Waltraud … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Water Spirit.

There are 10 main characters in “Rocks In My Pockets” and  approximately 97 minor characters. We’ll introduce them all to you, one by one. First, we have to establish who is the Antagonist of the Film, the Villain. You know that … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 9. The Last One.

This is the last picture of the LAST Caption Contest! Soon the fall befall on us, temperatures will drop and we’ll have to go back to school, back to work, back to screenings, parties and social life. There will be … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 4.

My brain loves your brain, it wants to connect. When some day we are all linked in one Big Brain of Humanhood, sky will be the limit. For now, our brains have to be content by connecting through Caption Contest. … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest 3.

Captions are easy and fun! Raking the brain for that one caption gem hiding in the folds makes all the dormant seeds to sprout.  All of sudden you have ideas you didn’t know you had. Are you ready for this … Continue reading

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Caption of the Week: Contest.

According to the New York Times, Depression and Brilliance go hand in hand.  Test your creativity by captioning a still from “Rocks In My Pockets,” a funny film about depression, currently in production. There will be prizes! Rules:  Each Thursday … Continue reading

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