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Film Release Madness: VOD

I haven’t been blogging much for the last two years – been too busy traveling, marketing, worrying and getting a slow motion nervous breakdown. But at some point I have to let it go. “Rocks In My Pockets” has been to … Continue reading

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Making a Rock to Roll.

Recently I looked through the notes from our two test screening feedback sessions and one note struck me as immensely important: 2 audience members didn’t feel connected to the main character right off the bat, so when she launches on … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Bill Plympton on Kickstarter and Oscars.

We visited Bill Plympton and his son Lucas on Sunday afternoon and recorded a conversation with Bill – on such interesting subjects as scoring music for film, running Kickstarter campaign and qualifying a film for Oscars. The recording sounds odd, … Continue reading

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Entertainment Film vs Personal Film.

What is the future of independent film? The two animators poke at the future with their best guesses.   Bill Plympton has a Kickstarter campaign for his new film “Cheatin’”.

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Three Animators and a Baby.

Babies and animators usually don’t go well together. Babies cry at nights, disrupting people’s sleep and if people don’t sleep they don’t animate well. But sometimes babies born to animators sleep well at nights. Those babies we love. One such … Continue reading

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Depression Question: Outside Help.

After “what do you do to help yourself?” the next question to answer is “what people around you can do to help you?”. That is a question I have hard time answering. On one hand, how can you bother other  people … Continue reading

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Depression Question: How Does It Feel?

This is a blog where Depression meets Film. But before Depression met Film, first it shook hands with the filmmaker, actually, still shaking it – the hand and the filmmaker. Why does this filmmaker want to share with everybody her … Continue reading

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