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Meet the Characters: Russians.

Russians are coming! They arrive on their freshly painted tanks and newly banged trucks, bringing freedom from private property and work. Fortunately, our main character’s family lives so deep in the forest that Russians get lost in the labyrinth of … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Owl.

I don’t know how one can make a film about depression without an owl starring in the film. Owls are wise. They are watchful, but discreet. They stay up at nights catching bad thoughts like small pray. The owl in … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Water Spirit.

There are 10 main characters in “Rocks In My Pockets” and¬†¬†approximately 97 minor characters. We’ll introduce them all to you, one by one. First, we have to establish who is the Antagonist of the Film, the Villain. You know that … Continue reading

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