New York Premiere Today!

Today will be partly cloudy, with 40% humidity, wind will blow from North with a West inflection. It will warm up to 30 Celsius (yes, after 20 years in USA I still think in meters and Celsius) with 0 chances of rain.

A fine day to have “Rocks In My Pockets” New York premiere at the IFC Center.

For the last 6 months there has been a never ending scurry to get everything on our to-do-list done: compiling lists of film lovers, mental health connoisseurs and our VIPs, engaging local communities that might be interested to see the film, making 42 paper mache rocks to throw at audience at the end of each screening (each screening gets 3 rocks), selecting original drawings from the film to give away to random audience members, doing interviews, thanking our 800 amazing Kickstarter backers, and of course, getting E&O insurance so that we can have legitimate theatrical screening and making a DCP (Digital Cinema Package, the glorious new screening format that replaced 35 mm prints). If we are lucky, we may get this all done by 4 PM today.

More and more this fine event, the premiere, starts to resemble a wedding. The film is wedding an audience – will she say yes? What if she walks away? Maybe 4 years of dating weren’t enough to convince her?

After four years of tremendous effort the film is finally going to be yours. I hope you’ll say YES and let yourself to be taken for the 88 minute ride. It is funny, although sometimes sad, but it’s also engaging and entertaining. Please say yes!

I don’t want to read reviews, good or bad (so that I don’t get self conscious about what it is what I do) but I was told that “Rocks In My Pockets” got a good review in The New York Times. If you have friends who need convincing, please share the review with them and bring them with you to a screening. If you have a family member with whom you haven’t spoken much lately, please take them along, too – you’ll have a lot to talk about after the film.

If you see the film, please write me a note – here or on Facebook. I made the film for YOU and I would be happy to hear from you.






About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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10 Responses to New York Premiere Today!

  1. Jud says:

    I wish you a wonderful premier and great success!



  2. Jud says:

    PS: the Village Voice loved it too!

  3. xeth says:

    Hey Signe… Are you going to be at any of the screenings (or hanging around afterwards) today or this week?

    It’s a 2 hour voyage for me so any ‘social networking’ is an added plus.

    Let me know if you can…

    And may the spirits of the cinema be on your side!


  4. O Solis says:

    Good luck. Keep us posted on how it goes. Regrettably, I wasn’t able to contribute any financial help but I have been following the making of your film pretty much since you started.

    I was going to write about how the recent passing of Robin Williams makes this film timely but realized how it’s timely every day for anyyone who goes through and endures depression.

  5. Niffiwan says:

    I have to admit, I’m a little frustrated that as one of the first supporters on Kickstarter I’m STILL not able to see the film, even as it’s getting dozens of ratings on IMDB. I understand the problem, of course (the threat of somebody uploading it to a torrent site, or something) – I just wish there was some way around it, as it almost feels like the early supporters are being punished.

    The worry may not be even justified, since research seems to have shown that that very worst-case scenario (unlicensed free copies floating around) actually improves the box office results for smaller films:

    But I know that this is just “the way things are” right now…

    • Dear Niffiwan, so sorry about the delay! the reason why we haven;t given the links to our Kickstarter backers is that our distributors asked us not to do it until the theatrical run is over. Apparently, movie theaters won’t book a film if it is available online. We argued and argued but we couldn’t win this argument, so we let theaters to have their way. The GOOD NEWS are that we are finally releasing “Rocks In My Pockets” online as VOD and DVD starting on January 29th, from the film’s website. Our Kickstarter backers will get the link in advance. Please stay tuned! THANK YOU for your support! With love – Signe

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