From Outer Space to Gravity of Marketing

Soon after we reached our May 31st goal – to get “Rocks In My Pockets” in enough shape to submit it to Toronto International Film Festival – I started to feel as if a powerful leg with a steel-toe boot kicked me into the Outer Space. With my Mind floating and weightless while my Soul writhing in pain I was unable to pull myself closer to the world, however many desperate moves I made. “Gravity” captured so well that particular feeling that I couldn’t label it as just another Hollywood flick. To me it was a metaphorical movie about depression – a depressed person is just like a person ejected into Space, so disconnected from other people she can only feel her own breathing. She can see Earth but can’t get back unless she finds a new meaning to her life. Miraculously, the meaning comes from something someone said some time ago, something that starts making sense to her more desperate her situation becomes.

Well, I am back from Space and want to thank you for turning on those little lights at nights so I can see you to know where to return.

Yes, “Rocks In My Pockets” didn’t get into Venice, Toronto, Telluride and New York Film Festival. It looks the film didn’t even have a chance there. Now we are waiting to hear from Sundance, Slamdance, Berlin  and SXSW. Not sure what we will hear.

Since I don’t believe in inactivity (action has saving powers of gravity), I am not folding into an armchair for the wait. Together with Sturgis Warner, the project’s voiceover director and co-producer, we put together an LLC dedicated to distribution of “Rocks In My Pockets”. We did massive research  on DIY film distribution and marketing. It looks like a scary venture (only a filmmaker and a crack addict know how fast money can burn) but we do believe that the film has an audience and we are determined to reach it.

Below are my first feeble attempts at deciding what images would be good for a “Rocks In My Pockets”poster. To get a feedback we posted some of them on “Rocks” Facebook page and got valuable critique. Join the fun, give us your notes!

Poster with SPIRIT

Poster 3 Poster 7 Poster 4 Poster idea


About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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11 Responses to From Outer Space to Gravity of Marketing

  1. I’m glad you are back from Outer Space. It is beautiful but lonely out there!

  2. Jud says:

    Bummer on Toronto etc… Maybe they just knew you should be at Sundance? Give Robert a call! 🙂

  3. David says:

    Welcome back!
    I love the head labyrinth!

  4. Grant Lupher says:

    Welcome back from Space, Signe. You are not only a dazzlingly talented artist, you are a determined & courageous human being. All the posters are great, it is really hard to choose between them.

  5. Nina Davis says:

    I like you second poster, with the girl sitting with the umbrella. It is a good concept, but I don’t understand what she is sitting on. It seems out of place. You could have her sitting on the moon or planet and have some stars in the background. You could also have a face in the moon, like you have in the labrynth poster. I like that poster as well. Good luck

  6. Joseph Grau says:

    When I saw Gravity last night I was thinking about all the wonderful visions people can perceptively get from a diverse community of GOOD filmmakers like yourself. I for one think that the animation, film and print industries are too flooded with wannabe hacks that are drowning the hopes of excellent auteurs like you Signe! Like you I have a lot to say in film and animation and I also fall into periods of despair when confronting these walls. I am so glad that you are ready to fight for your voice by creating or attempting to distribute your film independently. You can rely on me to help you with this cause. And I ain’t just whistling Dixie! The force of Hyperspace Pictures is on your side.

  7. marilyn wren says:

    I like the head labyrinth, it looks very surreal and interesting.

  8. Joseph Grau says:

    I permanently closed the Facebook account.The last three years communicating with you and a few others on that network was a pleasure but the rest of the so-called friends were grinding down my last nerve so– poof it ends.
    Make a note to send future emails to

    grau@hyperspacepictures and / or

    Looking forward to seeing this film of yours. Let me know when and where it will premiere in NYC. I’m sure it will make an impact worthy of your talents.

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