The Elusive Fun of Internet.

Internet used to be fun. One was even able to find meaning of life if searched right. Now if you Google “meaning of life” you’ll mostly find marketers’ sites disguised as spiritual help blogs. Wherever you turn now, no matter what you search for 60 per cent of times you’ll come across a disguised marketer.

The inspirational quotes? A marketer’s ploy to get you to his/her site to subscribe to his/her services.

The same goes to “10 habits that will make you live longer”, “10 healthy foods that will make you look good”, “10 documentaries that will increase your IQ”.

80 per cent of my Twitter followers are marketing people who hope I’ll follow them back. Most of their daily feeds are trying to send off a vibe of helpful, useful posts, like “10 things that will make you happy”. Click on that and you’ll find generic tips (exercise, talk to your friends, bond with your family, have a pet, meditate, eat healthy, etc) that end with a sales pitch to sign up with this marketer.

I am losing hope that there are people on Internet who are not trying to sell something, that there are people who would actually want to buy something from ME – my movie.

When you search “how to market film” you find the same tip on every marketing advise blog and site – post something useful to other people and people will come to you, then sell them your services.

Ha. Most of us people don’t have the cockiness to believe that we have something useful to tell other people. Most of us just barely get through our day fretting about how to pay rent (clueless), how to do the job we do (clueless) and how to hold piss long enough to get to the toilet (not always successful).

So, there – I have nothing useful to tell and thus fail as a marketer.

But then I look around and I see that the lovely Internet in just last 3 years has turned into a marketing garbage land. Just like Mom-and-Pop shops in New York have been replaced with banks and Starbucks, the Internet is slowly losing it’s former variety, with only 3 things to offer: inspirational quotes, crummy advice how to live/work/eat and cute cat and dogs pictures.

However pissed I follow the lead and post an inspiration quote. Here we go, a postmodern cat.

Quote copy



About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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