Today is my birthday. I am not big on birthdays because of a childhood trauma (no one came to my party when I was 9), although they do mark passage of time with symbolic numbers that we attach meaning to. One longs to hit mark 20 (although for some, 16 is the peak of youth and from there everything goes down the hill), but then 30 seems like a frightening number. Reaching 40 feels like hearing one’s funeral bells. And I don’t even know what it feels to get to the number 70 – I hope by that age I’ll stop caring about numbers and finally start to live.

Being born on August 7th makes me a Leo. Apparently, a fun, outgoing, dominant, ambitious kitty.

Well, I would like to be friends with everyone, but it’s not quite working out.

Leo bday copy


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I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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14 Responses to Birthday.

  1. tonatw says:

    Oh Leo sister! Happy birthday! FB probably told me but I have been out of touch due to my own deadline and especially greenscreen battles – but I did mean to respond to your last post: bummer about Toronto but the year is new (not even a day old) and indeed it is good to have a chance to edit and add or subtract. So I Hope you are doing something you enjoy on your birthday.

  2. SchspIN says:

    Happy Birthday! oh, numbers… when you write them down they’re just lines on paper.
    And one good thing about growing up: you can make your birthdays nice and don’t have to wait for others to do that for you. hope you have a great day! \o/

  3. LigaRiga says:

    Happy BD! One can’t be friends with everyone. How simple it sounds, when it’s put down in words, though Im still learning that πŸ™‚

  4. Jud says:

    Happy birthday Signe! Personally, I think it’s all downhill once you get yanked out of your crib, but hey! That’s just me! Sometime we will get together in a red car and go have an un-birthday party!



  5. Michelle says:

    Happy anniversary of another set of 365 days (or 366) of your life. Hope this one an extra, extra special day with cake and candles!!!!!!!!!!!! and FRIENDS!!! ooooo and Ice cream too if you like πŸ˜‰

  6. gegebearbear says:

    Have a wonderful birthday! Jill

  7. Jonas says:

    And here’s another one to be traumatized of: long days after, dear Signe, here come my happy birthday-wishes. I didn’t even forget the date, but was stuck in the Alps due to some heavy rainstorms that also covered the sun which was supposed to fuel my phone which nowadays seems to be the window to the world . But I guess you’ve received my thoughts sent by mental telegraph… love, Jonas

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