Getting to the Finish Line.

You know that feeling when the worry is so overpowering it is about to snap you in half?

In the last two months I spent a few nights in a company of such worry. But not to worry – we worked hard and found great solutions.

Since April “Rocks” Team was working in high gear. Rashida was making color choices and overseeing intern work. Our three amazing interns: Adrielle, Ingo and Samantha, were diligently coloring. Wendy was compositing and editing. I was preparing colored drawings for compositing and fretting over everything. Sturgis came over to shoot the stop motion footage of the film’s opening. We were moving fast.

The “Rocks” composer Kristian Sensini was working 12 hour days for 5 weeks, composing a beautiful, well thought out score for “Rocks”. He incorporated the voiceover into his music so that now they seemed like one.  The music elevated the story to a level of magical, ancient tale. We love Kristian’s music so much, we can’t wait to hear it again. When we can’t play it, we hum it.

Despite some nerve wrecking problems (not going to write about them here, not now) we got to May 31st, which is Toronto International Film Festival submission deadline, with “Rocks” DVD in our hands. The film still needs some work – polishing pans and zooms in After Effects, some compositing, coloring. Sound design is still missing. We marked the DVD as Work-In-Progress and mailed it to Toronto. We do know it is a long shot – TIFF gets thousands of submissions. But if one doesn’t buy a lottery ticket, one doesn’t have a chance to win.

Bill Plympton had sent a DVD with his “Cheatin”’ to Toronto the day before. He invited “Rocks” Team to “Cheatin”’ Team’s wrap party on a roof.

We sat down for a brief talk. Wendy recorded it. Lucas and Rashida made good looking  addition to the footage.

Please, note, just before Wendy hit ‘record’ button I had one beer. After many sleepless nights it wiped everything out of my head.




About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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