A Conversation with Bill Plympton on Kickstarter and Oscars.

We visited Bill Plympton and his son Lucas on Sunday afternoon and recorded a conversation with Bill – on such interesting subjects as scoring music for film, running Kickstarter campaign and qualifying a film for Oscars.

The recording sounds odd, as if we were talking in a furnished metal barrel, but it was Bill’s apartment, indeed. Lucas tried to steer the talk in his direction, but we stayed focussed on the subject.

I love Bill’s optimism, his ability to stay positive, while I sound pretty negative (like, about beating Bill’s new film out of Toronto competition: – Not going to happen.) To my defense – I have been trained by reality (and that special Eastern European philosophy of life: anything can happen at any time and it’s not going to be pretty) . Whatever works for Bill works for Bill only and I haven’t been able to follow his giant footsteps.

I like to dream big but I cling to reality. Maybe too much?

When Bill asked if I am going to qualify “Rocks In My Pockets” for Oscars, the instant answer in my head was: NO. I am not going to qualify a film that has no chance. Why waste time, money and precious hope?

But I couldn’t say that to Bill, because he likes when people think big (that’s another thing that is so great about Bill – he encourages all filmmakers to get ambitious), and I didn’t want to get another lecture on my negative ways of thinking.

So, I slithered away from a confrontation.

That said, I am VERY positive and EXTREMELY ambitious with “Rocks In My Pockets” – on my own scale, not on the scale of that Bill Plympton Realm where Oscars are won and red carpets are rolled and stars treat you like another star.

Here’s my biggest hopes and dreams regarding “Rocks”:

First ambition: against all the odds we will finish the film! with music and sound and color. It will break my back but we’ll get there (and am not joking about my back – it almost broke today like a dry straw).

Second ambition: we will try to get into 5 major festivals: Toronto, Venice, Telluride, Sundance, Berlin. But we are not going to cry if we don’t get in, because we have the Plan B which is

Third ambition: release the film ourselves, online and maybe in art houses. In my Universe this is so much more ambitious than getting nominated for an Oscar. Although, of course, they don’t exclude each other but I keep hearing how pushing a film for Oscars looses money for their producers. Besides, how could a small production like “Rocks” could compete with big studio well oiled with money machine of connections and know-how?

I do dream big. It’s just that’s hard to stay positive when you are so small.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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5 Responses to A Conversation with Bill Plympton on Kickstarter and Oscars.

  1. Jud says:

    Signe baby! This is MY film now! I put money into it, so forget about yourself and do it for me! hehehehehee… I want shows, awards, red carpets, OSCAR damn it! 🙂

  2. gnoonan says:

    Wow, Lucas has gotten so big already!! Very informative piece that reinforces the importance of positive thinking.

  3. Smudge says:

    Don’t forget to submit your film to the Ottawa International Animation Festival! 🙂

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