Kickstarter Aftermath: Packing Rewards.

Guess what – on Valentine’s Day morning, after we reached our Kickstarter goal, I went to a local liquor store and got a bottle of Moscato. Not that I know much or care about Moscato, but drinking champaign at lunch time seemed decadent. The team effort had to be acknowledged with something more modest.

– Lets celebrate!


The five of us (Mike, Rashidah, Wendy, Masha and me) clinked the glasses wishing all 800 backers could be with us to celebrate.


The next day we went back to working on the film. After 30 days of intensely staring at the computer screen I was finally back to staring at animation drawings, shading them with a pencil.

Around 5PM I went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and looked at a drawing in front of me (YES on the bathroom door we have a drawing of a bunny looking at you while you sit there doing your business; it is because we thought people would behave better in this secluded space if they had someone looking at them; before had we placed the bunny drawing on the door there were too many inexplicable things happening in this common use bathroom, bunny seems to reign in the toilet madness).

All of sudden right in front of me, between me and the bunny a shimmering sharp edged ring appeared. I blinked. Blinked again. The ring didn’t disappear.  I tried to look at the bunny but everything I looked at was out of focus, while everything I was not looking at was in focus. I shook my head, rubbed my eyes. The ring was getting bigger.

I thought my normal environment would brings things back to normal and run back to my work table,  sat down and looked at the drawing that was half finished. The drawing was visible but to really see it was a huge effort because shimmering of the ring was very distracting. The ring was getting bigger and bigger and a thought occurred that once it goes out of my sight, I might die.

But I didn’t feel like dying. My body actually felt better than ever.

The ring now got so big it went out of my periphery. It was gone.

Five minutes later a sharp pain pricked my brain like a needle. Then it stopped.

Since that moment I have been dizzy as if I have been swimming in Ocean for 2 hours and now am back on beach.


But no time to dwell on feelings, we have work to do!

Masha Yukhananov came to help us with packing rewards.


We were packing 136 DVDs today!


Each envelope got a special drawing on top. I am not sure if Post Office will accept those artisan envelopes, we’ll find out tomorrow.

DSCN6881(please note, my hand is so red and wrinkled because I have to wash dishes in ice cold water)

At the end of the day each DVD got it’s envelope, drawing and address. Each backer will now get their DVD!


PS the fast expanding sharp edged ring was scintillating scotoma

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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13 Responses to Kickstarter Aftermath: Packing Rewards.

  1. Ben says:

    It sounds like you had an ocular migraine, something I used to get back in university days. It’s sort of similar to retinal bleaching (the blobs we see in front of our vision after looking at a bright light) but they come from nowhere. Sometimes they’re rings, sometimes wiggly zigzag lines a bit like eye floaters. My eye doctor at the time said it’s common with work stress which would make perfect sense in your case given everything you’ve taken on the last few months.
    I’m sure it’s nothing serious, hopefully any more of them will be few and far between if at all. Eyes can whip up some bizarre stuff, over the years I’ve had a litany of inexplicable ocular phenomenon but none have been harmful. Well, so I’ve been told.
    The head pain just sounds like a quick bout of neuralgia, for which I’d probably blame the Moscato 😉
    Congratulations again to all of you guys, here’s hoping things settle down soon!

    • Ben says:

      Ah, just saw the PS part. Well, I was close 🙂

    • Ben, maybe you are right – it was ocular migraine. I had every reason to have it – overwork and stress and staring at computer for too many hours and too many days. Although the description of scintillating scotoma seemed to fit 100 per cent what had happened. I don’t know…
      I just know that we, humans, are quite capable of wrecking our bodies
      : )

  2. Jud says:

    Geesh! Scary stuff with the eye thing!

  3. Kay says:

    Congrates to you and the team!hope you feel better and get some rest

  4. Cecile Somers says:

    I get the exact same thing: a bright white ring in my right eye, which prevents me from focusing on anything (because it won’t go away). What follows is a desperate need for quiet and darkness, and I generally sleep for two hours and wake up with my right eye feeling like someone hit it with a baseball bat. It’s a migraine and I get them when I’m stressed out, or nervous, or very tired. Watch out for bright sources of light: they can trigger the bright white ring to form… Welcome to the Migraine Club! (They say only bright people get them, ha ha.)

  5. YAY! I received my package in the mail when I came home last evening. SO looking forward to watching your animated shorts. Good luck with finishing “Rocks,” Signe!

  6. Jim Morin says:

    Signe, I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see all your films. Now, please, a nice long rest when you are done. That will do the trick. Yes, we wreck our bodies (says he with torn meniscus in left knee) but they will bounce back to normal when we let them. Wishing you healing and blissful relaxation!

    • THANK YOU, Jim!
      You know they say the best rest is the change of jobs? I am doing my taxes today, and putting together animation cells from “Dentist” and “Natasha” – for rewards. Tomorrow – shadowing “Rocks” all day and meeting my accountant in the evening (not a date, though : )).

  7. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you raised the money you needed (though you probably could use more) to finish the film. I just saw your podcast interview on Sqwigly. I haven’t had time to hear it yet, but it gave me the opportunity of promoting you, your film and your blog again. That note will be there on my blog this coming Saturday. Have another glass of champagne on me.

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