Meet the Characters: Water Spirit.

There are 10 main characters in “Rocks In My Pockets” and  approximately 97 minor characters. We’ll introduce them all to you, one by one.

First, we have to establish who is the Antagonist of the Film, the Villain. You know that notoriously annoying question that every producer/PS/marketing person asks a writer- director about her script:

– What is the conflict of your film?

Which means: – Who is your main character, what does she want and who is trying to stop her from getting it?

The main character of “Rocks of my Pockets” is Signe (a woman loosely based on my person) and all she wants is to be happy. But she is hit by bouts of severe depression, inner pain and obsessive thoughts of suicide. Forget about happiness, she has to put up a fight to simply stay alive. Will she succeed?

A character that embodies Depression lives in the river by Signe’s grandmother’s house. If you are not careful, she’ll try to lure you into the water. We call her Water Spirit. Actually, it is not always her. Sometimes it he, the Water Spirit, depending on whom it is trying to seduce.

Please, meet the Antagonist and Villain of “Rocks” – Water Spirit:



About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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3 Responses to Meet the Characters: Water Spirit.

  1. Og Nogsby says:

    Looks friendly enough…

  2. cherrycow says:

    this looks really interesting.. i will be watching your progress

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