Caption of the Week 8: Winners!

The old under-panties are coming back! Unfortunately, for today only.

I actually don’t get why people don’t like them anymore – they are breezy and spacious (your farts will get lost in all those folds and will never come out for the folks near you to smell them).  If only Gisele Bundchen was wearing them on runway, then you would be crazy to have those frilly things. Heidi Klum was wearing them at some point, but you were not looking.

Some of you were not afraid to make a bloomers statement and we have winners today for the panties picture!

Here’s the picture so that you remember which one was captioned:

Here’re the winners:


“Arnold was suddenly hit by a wave of nostalgia from his childhood,
when he was a little girl named Daisy.”
From: Steven in CA


“Hmmm. Has it been long enough that wearing them is retro?”
From: Meg in NY

“So it wasn’t a dream — J. Edgar Hoover was really here!”
From: Meg in NY

“Honey, maybe it’s time to throw out great grandma’s honeymoon underpants…”
From: Joe in NY

CONGRATULATIONS, Steven, Meg and Joe! Great job!

Steven has to let us know if he wants picture or a DVD.

Meg submitted 2 captions, but since we don’t attach names to captions when we vote, we didn’t know and gave high scores to both captions. Kudos to Meg. We want to give her an award. Would she accept a drawing or a DVD?

We are posting the last picture for the last caption competition tomorrow morning. Your last chance to enter  and win the competition.






About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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2 Responses to Caption of the Week 8: Winners!

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Is that a Binky in the rabbit’s mouth?

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