Stonehenge Brooklyn.

They say Manhattan is the Stonehenge of the New Age. Manhattanhenge, they call it. Manhattan, of course, is a popular place, but to my opinion, it’s relationship with the Sun is a little bit strained. Who has seen a beam of Sun in Manhattan? One has to make a great effort to go to the Central Park or bug rich friends with rooftops to get a stingy sunshine. With the approaching Summer Solstice (rejoice, pagans and all the nature lovers! Sun is turning it’s mighty cheek to you! for the rest of population this is just an Astronomical event) I want to claim the Stonehenge title for my Brooklyn Studio.

We are very well connected to rites of Sun here, we know exactly where it has been and where it’s about to go.

When I used to live in Manhattan, the Sun would completely disappear from my 2nd floor loft on October 1st and come back on April 1st. The wintertime vitamin D deficiency was a constant. The bones would get brittle and skin would have a greenish pale tint. The teeth would teeter, threatening to fall out. It was a frog-like living in a well – with sky so high up you could barely tell if the day was overcast or not.

That all changed with the move to Brooklyn. Not sure why but the buildings in Brooklyn are lower, so the tall structure my studio is in stands above everything like a glass castle.

The wall facing directly South is a wall of windows.  The windows that let through the wind and water and, mind you, the Sun.

Ironically, the problem that I had in Manhattan – total lack of Sunlight in wintertime is in reverse now. Too much light in winter. Not nearly enough of it in Summer.

– Absurd! – you’d say. – How could it be!

But just think of it: in winter the Sun is barely rising above Horizon, flying low and heavy all short winter day long, facing my Southern windows down with it’s damaging stare. In Summertime, though, the Sun raises bright and early and by the time it gets to the Southern side it is so high the building’s roof is sheltering my windows from it.

If you don’t believe me, please see it yourself. Here’s the winter sun in the morning (see the clock on the wall), January 19th, although the day had some clouds, you can see the sun move in with a sure pace:


And here the Sun blazes through a winter afternoon, bleaching everything on the walls and on tables, destroying sensitive electronics and less sensitive paperwork. We loved it, though. The Sun was our only access to heat last winter. I am thinking of putting some bare bodies in the path of the Winter Sun  – opening Winter Natural Suntan saloon, from November 15th till March 15th, 11 AM – 5 PM, to raise additional funds for “Rocks In My Pockets”:


We didn’t film the studio this summer. The June 2012 Sun Path is not that exciting. Nothing happens the whole day till the Sunset. And Sunset is all way in New Jersey, probably burning holes in some ground.

As to Manhattanhenge, the dates of those events were announced. And the first event was rained on. Here you go, Manhattan. Round one or all around, Brooklyn wins.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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2 Responses to Stonehenge Brooklyn.

  1. Adam says:

    Brooklyn is where the light is. Here in the lovely Gowanus section of Brooklyn we get incredible light year round. Unfortunately, since we are a stop motion studio we are always covering our windows with curtains. Those sunsets are amazing. Please visit our site at to look at our work and let’s set up a time meet. I would love the chance to show you around our studio and discuss potential collaboration.

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