Puppets in Motion.

The simple rule of life is that chickens come to roost and puppets get to move. It sometimes takes a long time for immobile puppets finally get it, the reason why they were created, and move to their destined spotlight.

These 4 puppets were made out of The New York Times newsprint (news fit to print are also good for Metylan glue and 2 busy hands) along the lines with Angela Stempel stop motion puppet making instructions, and painted with black antireflective Muralo Vogue paint.

They needed color, though, and were painted with Amsterdam series acrylic paint, cheapishly bought at one of the Blick’s weekend promotion sales:

At FabricJam I got matching synthetic silk to wrap it around the puppets arms and necks to hide the wood/wire armatures.

That was still in good old December 2011. Then the puppets aimlessly sat on my tables and shelve-tops for weeks and weeks to come, contemplating their next move.

The next move arrived with the spring.

– Time to go! – the puppets said in early March. – We are ready for motion.

Angela, Eriq and Jessica arrived two Mondays ago and set up the cold, dramatic lights. We did a baby lens zoom:

Yesterday was the Monday reserved for puppet motion. An hour before the session Angela called in saying she was getting sick. Since she had read my blog entry on viruses, she was very conscious/conscientious about spreading the germs and making the stop motion team sick, too.

One of the dangers of writing blogs – people sometimes take seriously what one’s writes.

So, we had to do without Angela.

Eriq arrived with plugs for Dragon Frame, he set the set. Jessica rolled up her sleeves and started to raise puppet’s arms and shake their heads, like in :- No No! you cant be an artist! Women artists are all whores!

Like this:

For Jessica The Animator it was a constant communication between the puppet …:

(note the black cloth by puppet’s feet, it was there to stop the light reflecting from floor to the puppet’s hands. A small detail but would have never occurred to me. I only know to draw, lighting is the biggest Mystery in my life).
… and the Dragon Frame where she could check if the move works:

For me, The Puppet Maker, it was a Magic Moment to see the puppet move. I actually almost pissed my brand new white panties looking at the Dragon Frame footage.

– It moves! It moves! – I screamed and run around the studio in circles like an excited 5 year old. – It waves her arms! it says, No No!

Jessica confessed that is was blowing her mind (like in explosion, not the other thing) to have to animate a puppet who’s message was : – No No! You can’t be an artist! – because there she was, Jessica The Artist, animating a puppet who was telling her that she couldn’t be an artist.

Our minds were blown. Puppets were moved. Then we ate, disposed of garbage, went home and slept.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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