The Tale of N.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had to go from one place (BKLN) to another (MHTN). She went down to the subway and took an N train. But the poor girl didn’t realize that under the ground on which her underground train was running there was a monster sleeping and subway train rattle woke him up.

The monster got up on his hind legs, caught the train and shook the girl out of the car.

– Why don’t you ever give me a solid piece of quiet!- he yelled at her. – What is this scurrying about? Can’t you sit still for a minute without taking a darn train?

The monster was beside himself with rage. The girl’s calm was not infectious. In fact, her calm enraged him even more.

– You! – he screamed in a high pitch like a tenor who can’t quite make it to falsetto. – You!

Now he didn’t quite know what to say. The moment required words followed by an action.

– YOU have the train run around YOU day and night! – the monster said, put the train on the girl’s brain and made it go round and around on the brains grooves and folds.

At first the girl mistook the train for the train of her thoughts.

– Oh my, – she thought. – My thoughts are going round and around.

But then she noticed that she didn’t know the faces of the people on the train.

– It can’t be my thoughts, – she concluded. – The passengers look all wrong.

She looked around and saw that she is standing on the platform, waiting for the train.

– The N train, – she thought. – It never comes.

She took a breath. There it came again, a thought:

– The N train, it never comes. The N train it never comes.

As far as I am concerned, the girl might be still standing there, waiting for the train. Good. Because while she waits, the monster sleeps.


About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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