The Glamor of Cold.

Almost everything we do comes from an idea we’ve got.
Excretion may come from the set of our body functions unrelated to ideas, but building an elaborate canalization system requires a fertile imagination beneficial to conceiving an idea of getting the excrement efficiently out of the sight.
Ideas, unfortunately, do not come out of thin air.
My idea of making a feature film comes from people making feature films.
If it was more glamorous and profitable to make short films I would have never thought of doing anything but short films. *
Many ideas we get come from movies and TV shows we watch. The lifestyle ideas. Like, “Sex and the City” inspired many young women to move to New York barely dressed, in shoes unfit for navigating the City, engaging in sex as sports activity.
I am sure I have conceived the idea of living in a loft from some movie. Not sure if it was Woody Allen movie, though, as most of his characters seem to live in multiple room apartments with many hallways and terraces overlooking Manhattan.
But there was one movie (I forgot the title) that I saw in Riga in early 1990ties featuring a female window display artist who rented a raw loft in Soho, with a bathtub randomly placed in the middle of the huge living space. It was a concept that really appealed to me as it broke the main rule my mother had set for me: washing oneself is an act of Ultimate Privacy that must be performed in a secluded, well enclosed place. 
– One day, – I told myself as I walked out of the movie (I didn’t finish watching it). – I’ll put a bathtub made of glass on a terrace overlooking Manhattan so that me and Manhattan can mutually admire each other.
But as it turned out, I gave up having baths soon after that. The loft I rented in Manhattan was on 2nd floor and it didn’t have neither a terrace not a bathtub. I decided that sitting in a hot water makes me sick anyway, so I didn’t miss that idea.
The recent “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” brought a new idea to me: living in cold is glamorous.
It is darn cold in my new loft – 12 Celsius on the hottest day and am not talking nights. I was having a major depression about it till I saw “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. 
The characters of the film live in the cold of Sweden – and they stay alluring while wearing layers. The girl, Salander, wears a really hot hoodie (I took a note of that hoodie and am getting it for myself as a belated Christmas gift) and you don’t see her lounging in a bathtub at all. Instead, she takes two very short showers – one after the rape scene to clean her Eternal Soul and the other – to wash off the disgusting sticky makeup of that blond she was briefly pretending to be. But the scene that made me immediately identify myself with her was the one where she does her important hacking job in front of a  big round infrared electric heater.
– Oh, my God! – I shouted, rousing other movie goers from the movie watching stupor. – See that? – that is ME!
I already had a small version of that infrared heater, true, not round, sort of squarish Holmes thing ** that I never dared to crank up to it’s full capacity out of fear what it would do to my electric bills. But now I feel like I am in a Hollywood movie – me, The Girl With The World’s Smallest Tattoo *** writing her dangerous art blog on depression in front of infrared heater cranked up to the max.
Fuck electric bills, fuck environment concerns – I am the king of the world! I am the star of my movie!

Explanations, additions, complaints:

* Everybody loves 3 minute songs and is willing to shell out $$ to enjoy a brief musical piece (everybody hates an hour and half long opera and would pay nothing to hear it) but why 3 minute video doesn’t get the fame and $$ while crowds are breaking the gates to see a feature is a mystery to me.

** Squarish Holms heater, in full blast:

come on baby light my fire

*** World’s Smallest Tattoo:

**** If you must: Bengal Sparkler, lots of fun:


About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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  1. Brett W. Thompson says:

    Another amazing post!! 🙂

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