From Sketchbook.

Today words don’t find me. But blog wants to be written.

– Just scratch something on the wall, – the blog begs me. – Like a cat marking the territory scratches trees and furniture. Please.

Well, here I go, some scratches from my sketchbook.


I could never understand the word “well”: does a well make you well? Does swelling come from a well? Is dwelling in a well possible? I do access the deep Well of Creative Juices, drop my bucket in that darkness, pull the refreshments out into the light, but do I know if anyone actually lives down there, a person resentful of my greedy bucket that interrupts her/his daily swim?


Protests seem to be in fashion these days. For God sake, even people on skateboards, fashionably shirtless, protest the greed of Wall Street! I am in the mood of protest too. For weeks now. For weeks.

I think old age should be abolished. Canes should be thrown in piles and publicly burned.


One day you hit the wall and it shows you who you truly are.


I don’t remember the Lucifer story precisely, I just remember he brought light to us, humans, and after that he got into a tiff with You Know Who. I think the light he brought to humans was a burden for him. But someone had to do it. You Know Who wasn’t going to do the job.


I hold you up with my feet but you have to look into my eyes. Some call it dependency, but isn’t it how the world still goes around.


The wolf had made a long complicated trip. He finally reached the destination.

– I want to announce my wish, – he solemly told to the humam.

– What do you want? – asked human and raised his eyebrow. He was not used to wishful wolfs.

– I want my forest back!

– Phoof! – said the human and turned the wolf into a dog.

Lady Bug

I do understand that shopping makes good economy. Without good economy there would be no heart transplants, no iPads, no spacecrafts. However, I don’t regard the shoppers as glorified New Age heros. Instead, I view them as Lady Bugs – with too many legs for too many shoes, too many shops to walk to, too much time to think of the new needs. Lets take a moment to make a monument.



About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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4 Responses to From Sketchbook.

  1. LindaBeck says:

    I love these, Signe. Such terrific visualizations! My favourite is the wolf/dog with his paws behind his back.

  2. Your drawings are all smart, clever and intelligent. They’re beautifully composed to tell the story, and your words just sharply add to the images. This is a great post, and you are becoming a great writer. It makes me long to see Rocks in My Pockets (the movie).

    • Thank you, Michael! It is an amazing compliment as I am a big fan of your work and am in awe of your blog. As to my writing and “Rocks In My Pockets” – I find it interesting how writing the blog for a year has made me a better writer. Sometimes I cringe when I read the script I wrote almost two years ago – I would write a better story today. But without making the film there would be no blog and without the blog I would not be a better writer, so I don’t know…. I am committed to making the script I wrote into a movie and all the betterment will go for the next film.
      THANK YOU!

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