The Big Move.

It is raining again and after changing buckets under the leaking pipe I ventured out into the rain to access to Macdonald’s free wifi, 15 min walk away. Blog is not an obsession, it is a duty.

But now, in Macdonald’s, am soaking wet and shivering of cold. It is also distracting -hearing all that chewing and finger licking. I really wish Verizon got it’s act together. I had ordered DSL connection on August 4th, on August 7th Verizon ground workers went on strike. After 3 striking weeks they got back to work, but shortly after that Irene hit everything she could reach and there were simply too many emergencies for Verizon to pay attention to my desire to have the convenience of wifi. I could blame Verizon, Unions and Irene. But isn’t that just my bad luck? As if some Higher Forces wanted to ween me off my internet addiction and make me work towards The Connection. Shiver and pay the real price of Free Internet. Blogging shouldn’t be a walk in daisies with a cupcake in hand.

But moving to a new studio SHOULD be easy. That’s what my mother had told me:

– Signe, use moving to loose things. Dump anything you don’t need and you won’t have anything to move, except for a toothbrush and laptop.

I wish it was so easy. I packed for 6 weeks and here’s the pile of my possessions:

An animator can make 60 – 80 drawings a day. How many drawings is that a year? I have boxes and boxes of drawings that I am saving in hopes that one day someone will want to buy them on eBay, $100 apiece. For that dream to come true, I have to become famous and rich. Now, if I become rich I don’t need to sell drawings for $100 apiece. But what if I become only famous without turning rich? Some 12634557 drawings will come in handy in that scenario. So I save the boxes and dream on.

I had so much stuff to move that nothing would fit in a rented simple Uhaul. I called Flatrate movers. A handsome estimator came and did calculations on my boxes.

– $2100 is my flat rate,- he said after 3 days of adding and subtracting.

I wanted to scream and yell, but the flat rate made me flat. I called the next moving company which was Excellent Quality Movers. When one call’s her company Best Food Ever you can’t help to wonder if she isn’t covering Bad Food Forever with a more promising name. So, I was suspicious of Excellent Quality Movers.

– 4 movers and one huge truck for $100 an hour, – a voice with a Russian accent promised on the phone. I thought I could fit my 264 boxes into the huge truck and out of it under $500.

– A deal, – I said and booked the Excellent Movers for August 26th. Not worried about the company’s name no more. Saved penny is the penny earned.

7 AM four unsmiling movers arrived. Very young, very serious, very strong. To counterbalance they health and powers, they smoked when they got their hands free.

– I am from Ukraine, – the foreman said. That explained the unsmiling faces.

– What is this? – the foreman pointed out at the stack of newspapers. – You want this?

– Yes, I do. I need the papers for my paper mache sets.

– You want to take newspapers to Brooklyn?- the foreman looked at me in disbelief.

– I do! I want everything!

The four unsmiling faces broke into the laughter. Not malicious, just the laugh of amused. I realized that instead of smiling those 4 used laughter to indicate enjoyment and agreement. Between the dead serious face and the delighted laughter there was never a smile to soften the transition.

But they worked fast. The told me they were too lazy to work slow. First, they strategically placed their dollies:

Then they put the stuff on them and pushed the boxes out of the apartment:

Into the huge huge Excellent Quality Truck:

Soon, the apartment was empty, stripped of it’s Soul and Essence:

The new place was waiting for the stuff and the boxes like a virginal bride is waiting for her first night with the husband. Excited, worried and pristine:

The movers arrived and started to unload the truck:

And they fulfilled the new place’s desire with a lot of furniture and boxes:

The Excellent Quality Movers moved my 264 boxes in 7 hours. More than I thought it would be, but less what Flatrate had asked. Not a scratch to my precious tabletops, not one lost box or misplaced mirror. 4 serious men with a happy laugh did a good job. Peaceful I went to sleep only to wake up the next day to the horrors of Irene. Even normally fearful birds tried to find a savior and solace in their new neighbor – me. The roof and the windows leaked so I had solace only in 23 rags and 3 buckets.

But when Sunday night the sky cleared and the light came into the studio, it was like making up after a bad breakup – happiness and new hope:




About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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4 Responses to The Big Move.

  1. thekatiepony says:

    Great post Signe, the new place looks very promising! -and your blog dedication is pretty inspiring, welcome fall!

  2. Tom Bullard says:

    Whooo…I am exhausted taking every step (that you wrote about) with you! The new place looks great! Yesterday workers spent all day pounding the shit out of your old space with what sounded like giant sledge hammers. Mr. Bakhash is wasting no time earning his new pennies!! Miss you already. xotom

    • Wow! that is so fast indeed! It’s hard to believe the place I knew intimately for 15 years doesn’t exists anymore. But things move on and they move on faster and faster. The 2nd floor loft was ready to become a luxury loft. As my current space was eager to become an animation studio – it was an upgrade from what it was before… : )
      I miss you too! You must come and visit!!!

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