Biblical Rain vs. Secular Soul

You wonder why I get in marital troubles? I am overly optimistic and confident, that’s why! It concerns other things in my life, too, like – renting a new place.

The floor is concrete covered with patches of something my boyfriend calls “solidified cancer”. It has to be scraped off. The wall below the windows looks like a person infected with incurable skin disease. It has to be scraped off and patched up. There are mysterious pipes running through and into the space, some of them plastic, some – rusted metal. What to do about those, has to be seen.

– What is an investment of some materials and work compared to the Eternal Beauty of the view out of the windows? – I said and signed the lease.

So far I had seen the space at 1 PM and loved the light:

Then I saw the space at 7PM and loved the light even more:

– The floor we’ll scrape and polish, then cover with a sealer. It’ll be imperfect and beautiful, – my boyfriend suggested.

– How about laminate?- I said. – We will pad the concrete floor with an insulation material and put the laminate on top. We can get laminate floor for $0.68 a square foot. It will keep the heat in and look pretty.

The dreams of the naive.

We set to work. The floor still had to be scrubbed free from the “solidified cancer”. First with a hammer we loosened up the glued to the floor stuff, then scraped it off with a putty knife. I am sure the floor loved this caring massage:

I got a closer look of the plastic pipe running through my space. It went from the neighboring wall to the outside wall and one could see the bay though the hole.

– Ah, a hole in the wall, – I thought. – How cute.

And continued my work.

While scrubbing the floor by chance I kicked the plastic pipe. It started to leak, weakly, like a sickly piglet that after a bout of a diarrhea didn’t have enough water for a hearty pee.

– What is it?!- I screamed in horror. Just a thought of a piglet water touching my future laminate floor made my hair stand up on all parts of my body. Laminate and water don’t go together at all. Too much humidity causes laminate to buckle.

– Oh, it is nothing, – the building’s super said. – It is just a water from the air-conditioner in the other space. You won’t have to worry about it in winter.

Then, very quickly, the super walked out of the space and disappeared in the vast hallway.

– I won’t stand for it, – I said to the only person who was willing to listen to me – my boyfriend. – Please, do something.

My boyfriend, a skillful carpenter, built a little trough about 19 feet 7 inches long and gently put the plastic pipe in it. We lined it with a sturdy plastic cover and were certain that any leaks will never reach my precious laminate. I stuffed the hole with a insulation material I found nearby.

– It will work out, – my boyfriend said. American optimism can be infectious, even ravaged by wars, natural disasters and communism Eastern Europeans can be susceptible to it.

I calmed down and started to scrub the diseased wall under the windows.

The scientists have discovered that doing manual work makes people smarter. There is a connection between working with your hands and increased brain power, they said. Obviously, one doesn’t need great brain power to make money because manual work doesn’t bring much of it. But what it brings to me is peace. I have not felt such calm since 9/11. “It is going to be good,”- I thought. “I love this space”.

And how you may not love it? Here it is from the outside:And here’s a view from the roof:

Can you tell I am love with this new place, am committed to it and am willing to make it work? Well, the morning after you marry the man you might discover his dark secret.

I forgot that that there are 4 basic weathers around here: sunny, cloudy, night and rain. I only saw what I wanted to see – the sun. Then, on the weekend of August 13-14th the rain of Biblical proportions hit New York.

On Monday I went to work on my new space and I saw why the walls under the windows had looked diseased. I saw a huge puddle in the middle of the space. My heart broke in half. There were no words to say or questions to ask. I turned around and went back to Manhattan to hide in my bed under layers of blankets. Whatever I was worried about was nothing compared to this:

I realized that the anticipated living without roommates will not happen. God sent me a new roommate – Rain.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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7 Responses to Biblical Rain vs. Secular Soul

  1. pat smith says:

    water is the enemy of everything that is construction related. but don’t worry.. everybody has this problem and all you have to do is find the entry point and seal it off.. it is quite rewarding when the next time it pours and it’s all dry after years of being wet!!

    stay in love with it signe, it’s beautiful and worth it. perfection is a flaw remember, and this place is filled with wonderful flaws!!!

    • THANK YOU, Pat! I’ll try my best to work on the problems, but some of them are beyond what is possible and available to me. I can seal the cracks near the pipe on the roof but I can’t seal the leaking wall – although I do know what materials I need, I can’t afford to hire a team of roofers and I can’t hoist myself to the harness to go down the wall myself – I have a bad case of vertigo. Am quite depressed at the moment. I am packing all my belongings (films, drawings, cells, artwork, documents etc etc) in hundreds of boxes and I feel that when the movers come on August 26th they are going to push it all into the Rainy Abyss. Into Nothingness.

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  3. The rain that caused that flood was enormous in comparison to most. 8 inces of rain fell in Central Park within an hour, at least four times greater than normal. Try to seal all that you can, and paint your floor with a good sealing paint. You’ll also, most likely, be there when it rains and can put down buckets to catch the drops. Take it from me; I have a studio that has had a lot of flooding. In the past three years only twice. This past weekend was the second time in three years – four inches of rain covered my studio floor, and I mopped out from 3:30am onward. It doesn’t look as though your damage will be as great. Oh, yes. Keep valuables out of the area of that stain – especially computers and extension cords to computers.

    • Oh my – 4 inches of rain water on your studio floor! Michael, that does sound more dramatic than what I’ve got. That gives me some peace – at least I am not alone in sharing space with rain. And yes, I already bought trays and buckets to put under leaking spots. I just have to make sure I am there when it rains.
      I was also lucky to be part of planning electric wiring. We’ve made a plan to keep the electricity away from the leaking walls. Computers, artwork will stay close to the inner wall that (hopefully) will stay dry at all times. It will be an adventure.

  4. Whether you bought the place or renting, they should have told you (of course it depends on the “talks” you had with the landlord – since no one was there only you would know). I think if you open your mouth and “be mad as hornets” about the situation and not let it slide (but obviously speak calmly to your landlord) , you can work a deal. Either to reduce the rent so you can fix it or have him hire people to fix it with no additional cost to you since you had no idea and this will go over your budget. This is so doable. This is not your problem but theirs.

    • Yes, I was thinking along those lines too. But first things first – right now am packing and worried about moving in. After I move, I’ll have a talk with the landlord. I am renting the space. THANK YOU for your thoughts!

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