Summer Solstice!

The world’s best lighting designer has lit up the set for the party. This is the time of light and fun. But you aren’t in the mood. You are stressed out, you lost something, you need quiet time for self examination.
Who said you had to crowd the divinely lit set with a wild orgy? Put your best clothes on, put your finest shoes, enter the light alone and quietly see the beauty of the once-a-year spectacle – the longest day, the shortest night, the blending powers of dusk. 
Merry Summer Solstice.

For years I have watched in amazement the days get longer and then they get shorter. Why does it amuse me so much? Perhaps, because of corresponding states of emotions and mind – there are periods when my brain is brilliant and then a blackout occurs and goes on for weeks and weeks. There is another thing, too. While we enjoy the shortest night, that same moment people on the Southern Hemisphere suffer from the darkest, longest nights. Isn’t it the same how the mind works – at the moment of brightness it is aware that the depression and darkness is just a peel away? Everything takes place at the same time, it is us who chose which Hemisphere to walk on.

The cause of sadness: I have to move out of my beautiful loft apartment by September.
The cause of celebration: change is supposed to be good, if you are able to survive it. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I have to find a new space big enough to fit all the paper mache sets, 4 computers, 14 large boxes with DVDs, 15 large boxes with the artwork from my 14 short films, a bed and 3 t-shirts I have. It would take about 1000 square feet to barely fit everything in. I hear Bay Ridge has large and cheap spaces, but what intern would want to make a 2 hour trip (4 hour round trip) to come to work on my project?  We find out who that hero will be.

Meanwhile, “Rocks In My Pockets” marches on.
Here’s a new set which Sturgis Warner lit, divinely. This is the point in the story where Anna, the main character, lives in the middle of a forest with her rapidly aging husband (30 year her senior) and their 8 children. She is thorn between the lure of the River Spirit who wants her to die (death is sweet) and the calls of Forest Spirit who wants her to survive (life is a challenge, take it). I am shooting a 1200 frame pan, with the help of the stop motion rail amazing Jimmy Picker gave me. It is a remote control in my hand – I can’t touch camera once the shoot starts:

Can you tell I am always cold, even in the summer? Can you tell that hair falling on my forehead annoys me greatly, so in a fit of anger I tie it down like a disobeying animal without caring how it looks? My feet like to be free, though.
Here’s the same set from the other side:

Getting intimate with the set:

My Mom once told me that with my big hands and long fingers I should be a pianist or a sculptor. I have no ears for piano. And no art agent for sculptures. But lack of patience didn’t stop me from entering the field of animation. 
Life is full of wonder.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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