Women and Men. An Opinion 2.

A few days ago I was talking to an acquaintance and I mentioned the drivers that on their red light stop on the pedestrian crosswalk blocking it.
– I usually look at their license place, – I started, but the acquaintance interrupted me:
– You don’t have to look at their license plates. Look at the driver. It is almost certainly always a woman.
– A woman!?- I was shocked. – No, the car on the crosswalk inevitably always has New Jersey license plates!
– A woman, – the man said and assertively nodded.
He was from New Jersey, if you are curious.
Lets assume for a brief moment that this man was right and lets replace our one old stereotype about New Jersey drivers being the worst with the another one – that women are. How does it work?
My sister is an excellent driver. She drives through snowstorms, cow shit, near hurricanes and deep, impenetrable fogs. She is self assured without being cocky. As a veterinarian she was trained to make a cut without screaming, fainting or shivering. This training reflects on her driving, too.
My mother, on the other hand, was a terrible driver. First, she learned driving later in her life (Soviet Union didn’t distribute an automobile to my family till she was 40). Second, she always had her husband, my father, breathing on her neck, peppering her driving with harsh, sarcastic, brutal comments.
She was only allowed to drive when my father was either drunk or hangover which was not very often and not a very pleasant experience on it’s own.
– You made the turn too jerky. You want me to throw up?
– Steer more to the right to take that curve! Can’t you tell the difference between left and right?
– Why are you doing this? Even cats will laugh when they see you do this.
– The light it orange, you can make it, go! I said – GO!!…. You stopped in the wrong place. You’ll kill us all.
After yet another miserable drive my mother rebelled and when we got home she burned her drivers license to never drive again.
(Ironically, some 8 years later my father got into a car accident by taking a road curve way too left and slammed into a car going opposite direction. My mother had to relearn driving, get a new license to be able to run the business and bring meals to my father in a far away hospital)
My father normally is a gentle, polite person and I never heard him to criticise another man’s driving. It was only a woman who couldn’t make it right.
There is a review of a book that I’ve never read (“Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine) written by Ben Barres (and I did read that review). Ben Barres used to be a woman and he noticed his IQ improved after he becama a man – not because¬† that now he had different genitals and levels of tostesterone, but because now everybody treated him with deference and respect and expected him to be smart.
When it is drummed down on you day after day that you are less capable you become less capable.
When one’s capabilities arent ridiculed or doubted on daily basis one has a good chance to actually develop into a good driver or a good filmmaker.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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3 Responses to Women and Men. An Opinion 2.

  1. Esn says:

    Interesting. Although these days, many modern television shows and commercials portray MEN as the idiots and WOMEN as the smart ones who fix everything (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.).

    On the other hand, female anchors on news stations aren’t allowed to show as much individuality as the males (so it seems).

    • Yes, on TV everything rotates around cliches. If women are perceived as lesser creatures in life, on TV they are given the opposite cliche. And I agree with you – women still can’t show much personality. Objects don’t have personality. Not on TV.

      • Esn says:

        “If women are perceived as lesser creatures in life, on TV they are given the opposite cliche.”

        Why wouldn’t TV reflect the dominant cultural views? Why does it have to be the exact opposite of reality?

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