Women and Men. An Opinion 1.

I find it interesting that people keep referring to women as a “minority” while it is a well know fact that women are a majority of humans as men die at much better rates than women.
What they mean is that women are a minority of decision makers, minority of the influential and powerful.
Over the last couple of thousand years women and men are brainwashed into believing that this is a natural state of things. It is a “divine order”, it is “genetic”, however it’s called – it is incorrectable.
I have heard quite a few well educated, reasonable people  talk about ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ – the divinely arranged system which places women in a certain corner of society while men rigidly take place in the middle of everything. It is by this “Cosmic Design” that women have to do the dishes while men talk about high subjects. Letting a woman to become CEO of a company disrupts the “Natural Order”, that’s why with the rise of women lately there are so many wars and gay people (as if there were no wars and no gay people before, and how wars and gayness are related anyway?).
Women as “yin” are associated with water, earth, Moon, with anything slow, soft, wet, passive, yielding.
Men as “yang” are linked to fire, sky, Sun, anything fast, hard, focussed, dry, hot, aggressive.
Women – emotional, irrational. Men – reasonable, rational.
Of course, if generation after generation women are told that they are irreasonable and thus they can’t rule their own lives – they have to live under a guidance either of a father or a husband and there are only very poor alternatives (prostitution) to that, then I see how under these limited choices one becomes an emotional mess, a hysteric and therefore reinforces the idea, the stereotype of the “unreasonable” gender.
To tell the truth, I do like the theory of ‘yin” and “yang”. I like how it insists that there is no ‘good” and no “bad”. I think it somewhat correctly represents the function of Inner Self where “yin” and “yang” stand in for  different parts of our personality. I feel somewhat slow today. Yesterday I got very aggressive while getting tickets to a sold out show. And so on.
Just please don’t run this theory along the gender lines.
To be a successful woman I have to develop my mind and cultivate my emotional side, to be cautiously yielding yet self assured and active. To be a successful man one must get in touch with his feelings besides knowing stuff and thinking abstract a lot.
As Carl Gustav Jung once said, in my completely imprecise quoting: ‘”an extreme feminity without presence of masculine side in an individual is ugly. The same goes for masculinity without developed feminine side”.
The current world is divided along the gender lines partly because of how differently our bodies work but also because of economics, political power, artificial societal constructs.
Yes, our bodies are quite different. Our genitals differ, and so do body’s abilities. We, women, have menstruation once a month, we are able to carry and deliver babies, we go through a menopause. Men got entirely different deal when they get their package.
Now, some people like to point out that women are super crazy and irrational beyond belief at a certain moment of their menstrual circle and this is a reason why women shouldn’t be allowed to make any important decisions.
Well, if anyone has seen a man’s hard-on even once, they would surely know that almost all the blood from that man’s brain has gone below the waist to do the important job of raising his genital up.
What kind of important decision that man will be able to make rationally? His brain is empty!
Unlike women who might get grumpy or less grumpy just once a month, a man can have several mind disabling hard-ons during one day.
If you ask me, sexually active males should be abolished from decision making process for this particular reason.
Now when I think of it, the men who can’t get it up might try to overcompensate for the lack of their genital abilities and get us into yet another war or another financial disaster. So, ALL men should be barred from making decisions unless they work in a team with women:
– Sorry, I have a hard-on right now, will you excuse my mind wondering for 10 minutes and make the decisions without me?
So, as you can clearly see the divide between the two genders is not based in their “biological” ability to make decisions or be rational or emotional. We all, women and men equally, are perfectly able to make bad and good decisions. And important ones too.
I think it was the economics, not our biology that put the wedge between us.
First, of course, it is an obvious advantage to divide the responsibilities – one gets the meat, the other cooks it.
But then there are times when there are not enough resources. Not enough grain or game or livestock to get through a winter. First go the old ones, they are carted far into the forest or mountains and abandoned. Then the feeble. Then an occasional child (we all know about infanticide as a form of population control in ancient societies but also in some contemporary countries I am not going to name in order not to get hate mail). Then the eyes turn to women.
Because women are so reasonable they understand that their tribe won’t be able to survive the winter unless someone makes sacrifices. So, women eat less, sleep under lesser blankets, do more work and otherwise behave really nice and reasonable.
The men see how easy it is to get women to get by with less so they continue the same system into the good times. It seemed convenient to have only one gender to be in charge of distribution of community’s wealth. The other gender doesn’t seem to mind.
But that’s not enough. The power is seductive.
The men invent the ideology that claims all women are evil and dirty, after all – why do they bleed once a month like a wounded animal and isn’t that strange that even being so dirty they still possess the power to seduce a man?
A man cannot be responsible for desiring a woman- it is a woman’s fault, her witchcraft, her conspiracy with the devil against a man.
This ideology helped the men to keep the women in check and even get rid of them en masse during the Inquisition’s Witch Trials.
Thus a woman from a human was turned into an object, “the Other”, an object associated with devil.
A fear and mutual distrust entered the relationship between the two genders.
With my own eyes I have seen new parents cry when a  daughter is born. A girl is still considered a lesser human than a boy. Look, where this attitude combined with a technical ability to determine the gender of fetus and abort it if undesired had brought China. In 2020 China will have 24 million more men of marrying age than women of the matching age. Who will they have sex with? What will they do if they can’t have sex? Start a war?
My mother’s father beat her till she left the home at age 18. To him she was inferior to his 3 sons who he was very proud of. When he was old and sick with tuberculosis my mother was the only sibling who took care of him. His sons had no use for an old and sick father. Only then my grandfather came around and short of apologizing he said to her:
– If I knew that you and not my sons will take care of me at my old age I would have been nicer to you.
– Did you forgive him? – I asked my mother after he died.
– It was slightly pleasing to see his remorse,- she said. – But NO, I haven’t forgiven him and I never will.
– Then why did you take him in, if you hated him so much?
– What I was supposed to do? – she asked and shrugged her shoulders. – Leave him die in a gutter?  He is my father after all, and it was my duty to take care of him.
Well, here we come to a woman’s sense of duty and impulse to serve the others.

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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4 Responses to Women and Men. An Opinion 1.

  1. Esn says:

    The best summary I’ve read of the subject is this address by Prof. Roy F. Baumeister to the American Psychological Association in 2007:

    In summary, a small number of men are indeed in charge of society – on the other hand, the lowest ranks of society are also mostly men, which is often overlooked by those who see proof of inequality by looking only at who’s on the top. He argues that this is due to fundamental biological reasons; not something as crude as the sexes’ “ability to make decisions or be rational or emotional”, but because what is rational for one group is not for the other.

  2. Caresse says:

    First: we met last night at the ASIFA Holiday party.

    Second: I’ve loved your animated work for a while and I can’t believe it took me this long to find your blog.

    Third: On the topic of this entry – I LOVE your logic on the male erection preventing male rationale. I’m curious – what are your thoughts on Margaret Mahler’s “Separation Individuation” (I think ancient logic infects this process today) and Camille Paglia’s theories presented in “Sexual Personnae?”

    • Thank you for your comment! I am self educated on women’s issues, so I haven’t read even 1/100 of the books I should have read. Actually, once I started to work in animation I stopped reading – there is no time to read when you have to make 70 drawings a day! But it doesn’t stop me from having opinions. Opinions are fun to have.

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