Daily Care 2.

So, I made a paper mache BG, a gray, uncomfortable, simple room where Anna says goodbye to her family before she goes off to Riga to study. Sturgis came over, light it up, I took pictures, here’s one:

The color, of course, is wonderful, but I do my line test with just pencil line in Premiere and the line will disappear on the riches of color. So, for line test purposes I make the picture black and white, like this:

Then I draw Anna, she’ll turn around and go to the right:

Then I draw her Mother and brothers:

Then I draw her Father:

Then I put it all together in Premiere:

Ready to move!
Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to put movies on this blog, so there will be no line test till I smarten up. But if you are curious over all how the final thing will look, here’s an example:

I know some people laugh at me for still doing the stuff on paper.
– Have you heard of Cintique?- they ask. – It is only $2000, quite affordable!
Affordable yes, but for whom? I spent the extra $2000 I have on post office. Or on food.
Besides, I dont like the look of that vectorized line, but what do I know? Am just an old fashioned slug…
Some people are enraged that I still do it on paper.
– WHY are you contributing to destruction of rain forests?!- they scream.
I can’t explain enough that I have seen greater amount of people contributing more to the destruction of our Earth than my tiny animation operation, where each square inch of paper counts and gets uses and reused and reused again. I just ask:
– How many gadgets you have at home that you plug in at night to charge them up? iPhone? iPad? iTunes? Cell phone? How many laptops? What kind of lightbulb do you use for light? Is your refrigerator up to the environment standards? How many emails a day do you print out for your records? Are you The Mister Perfect to point your green finger at me for drawing on paper?
Why attack me if you know perfectly well I can bite your head off?

About rocksinmypocketsthemovie

I was born in Latvia, educated in Moscow, live in New York. I have made about 14 animated shorts so far.
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3 Responses to Daily Care 2.

  1. Patrick Smith says:

    you’re not the only dinosaur signe. and i have a cintiq! nothing is like drawing on paper and creating a one of a kind piece of art that has zero digital footprint. at the end of the day a drawing scratched on the surface of paper is something to behold. a digital image is just that.. a digital image that seizes to exist when the power is off.
    miss you! see you next week:)))

  2. Brett W. Thompson says:

    Paper is my favorite, both to watch and produce!!! For a tenth of the price of a Cintiq you can get an auto-feed scanner, eeee 🙂 Or even cheaper get a regular scanner… something about pencil or pen on real paper is beautiful to me.

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