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Money and Story.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a producer interested in “Rocks in My Pockets”. I had sent her a script of my film which is a voiceover driver narration with a snippets of dialogue. 37 dense pages … Continue reading

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Daily Care

I can spend all day watching movies or writing blogs about making movies, but if I call myself a filmmaker,  I think I am supposed to make movies. So I spent the last few days working on the film. Sturgis … Continue reading

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Depression. Personal History.

There are people who can pinpoint the exact start of their depression. – I was six years old and stood by a window one sunny day, looking out at the street when a shadow of a bird flying over our … Continue reading

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Few days ago another foundation let me know that they aren’t supporting my project. How does one deal with rejection? I heard that some young filmmakers proudly wallpaper their bathrooms with rejection letters they get from film festivals. As if … Continue reading

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Fundraising: Story 7.

Funny thing about money – it is like a bloodstream of one’s body, essential to bringing oxygen and sugars to brain, washing up the liver and sweetly swelling our reproductive organs. But why do we resent it so much then? … Continue reading

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